Sunday, October 23, 2005


This has been like the BEST weekend ever! Let me start at the end of last week...

Joe and I went to Kennesaw Mountain. Kennesaw is about 20 minutes north of Atlanta and where Joe lives. It is SO PRETTY UP THERE! You actually can hike up the mountain, but since we decided to go at the last minute, we just drove to the top. You can see the city from there... it's beautiful! And yes, I FINALLY have some pictures!

Thursday night I got a call from Becky saying that her and Roberto (her AWESOME bf) were coming to Atlanta to escape hurricane Wilma, just in case it decided to hit Florida. Friday I met them out at a bar where Roberto's best friend bartends. It was SO GOOD to see her!!! I love this girl. She is doing amazing. I'm so happy she got out of Southgate 4 years ago... it has done her wonders! She's SUCH A SWEETY!!!! We caught up a bit and then I headed out to Kennesaw to go out with Joey, Brent (his awesome roomie) and their neighbors. Good times were had. :)

Saturday Joe and I drove to his Grandpa's and had lunch with his whole family. I am in love with his family. They are all SUPER sweet people that have made me feel totally welcome... I feel so lucky! After that we headed back north and had a pretty uneventful Saturday afternoon, but it was so nice to just chill for once! I needed it. We hooked up with Becky that night in Midtown. Seriously people, the best Saturday I have had since I moved here. It was SO MUCH FUN! A group of us went to a few bars and had a great time. Again, pics below. I was so excited for Becky to meet Joe... you know, the "Southgate" connection there. I want him to meet everyone at home SO BAD, but since that can't happen for at least 2 months (wink, hopefully) it was GREAT that Becky got to meet him and spend some QT.

The past few days I keep having these "I am so freaking happy" moments. You know, when you get caught in a moment where you're like, "I feel so incredible right now... I'm not stressed about anything, and it's wonderful!" I haven't had one of those moments since freshman year of college... not that I can remember at least.

30 days til I go home!

Me and Joe on top of Kennesaw Mountain

Joe at Kennesaw Mountain

Becky and Roberto

Me and Becky!

Becky and Joe

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I'm sick AND have insomnia

I'm allergic to Georgia. Since I moved here I've been sick at least once every 3 weeks... it sucks. I'm pretty sure it's allergies because every time the weather changes my nose plugs up and my throat closes. Yuk! So, I'm playing hookie from school today. I didn't feel very well yesterday either and took it out on my kids... I so didn't want to do that today! I was going to attempt to get some good sleep but couldn't fall asleep til around 3am, and now I'm up at 9... way too early. I should totally have slept in til 1. Bummer. I drank a half gallon of tea, I think the caffeine did me in.

ANYWAY, Happy Birthday to just about every one of my family members! October is crazy. Last week was my Grandpa's birthday, tomorrow is Katie's, Saturday is Courtney's and next week is Nancy's and Rachel's. I've been sending out cards like a crazy person. I love birthdays :)

Today I am going to attempt to get some things done... I need to birthday shop, I need to regular shop, I need to fill out report cards, I need to go to the library and return a 3 week overdue book, I need to workout, I need to go to the post office, and I need to get some food in my apartment... or maybe I will just say screw it and do some scrapbooking. Hopefully I will be feeling better to get SOMETHING productive done today.

I have to say people, I was not too impressed with The Da Vinci Code. Some of you may think I am insane, but I put off reading this book forever just because I've had about 3000 other books to read, and when I finally do read it, not only does it take me like 2 months, but I'm not that impressed! I mean, it wasn't bad, but I was expecting greatness... bummer. I just started reading Bridget Jones the Edge of Reason. I'm on like page 8 and I already think the book is great. Probably because I totally relate... such a great book ladies, check it out.

OH! I forgot to say that I think I'm not moving now until June. My apartment complex is letting me stay on a month-to-month basis with the same rent $$ until June... probably because of all the construction going on. This is a plus, because other than the $70 water bill (don't get me started), I actually like living here. It's too far from work and from a certain someone, but it's huge, I love it, and I have Allison my saving grace next door. So I'm excited that I don't have to try and figure out how to move all of my stuff (and I have A LOT of it) all by myself in December or January. At least in June I will be on summer vaca. and can take like a full week to move if I want... major bonus.

I need a vacation SO BAD! If someone doesn't go on Spring Break with me I am going by myself. I haven't been on vacation in forever and I need to go party for a week somewhere... so let's go people!

34 days til I go home!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

I'm having a bummed out day

It's probably from the lack of sleep. Don't read too much into that... I've just been staying out WAY too late and eating like crap which is making me feel like complete garbage. I did work out yesterday though. Joe let me come with him and his roomie to the gym and worked me out. I felt completely retarded at first because Joe is a workout god, but he kept telling me how awesome I was doing AND I kicked his butt in cardio which made me feel better :)

Other than that things have been going really well. I can't believe I have a boyfriend (yes, I said it, boyfriend) it trips me out. I always said that when I met the right person for me I would know automatically. How right I was, is an understatement. I love spending time with someone who makes me constantly laugh and feel so good about myself. I haven't had a boyfriend that I have actually liked (key phrase: actually liked) in like 5 years. It's crazy. I forgot what it was suppose to feel like. It's all that gitty singing on the mountain top stuff that makes people want to vommit. I love it!

School/Work is the same... I'm super tired and slightly annoyed today, so it's not a good day for me to talk about it. So I won't. I can't wait for the weekend and it's only Tuesday... major bummer. Hopefully this weekend I can actually get some work done because lately, I've been a bit preoccupied... :) I need some new pics, my blog is boring without pictures, I will work on it!

Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm in trouble...

So, I'm in trouble... but I guess it's in a good way... I have actually met someone :) I've been getting hostile IMs and phone calls all week from all of my friends asking about him, but as you have probably noticed, I haven't been too keen on talking about it. Not because I don't like him, but because I do!

His name is Joe... and he's awesome :) We've been talking on the phone and via email for about 2 months now, but on Saturday we finally went out, and I have to say it was a fabulous first date. I talked too fast and was a tad hyper (as most of you know I get when I'm nervous) but I'm pretty sure he didn't fault me for it. He's really funny and intelligent and sweet and... I'm just waiting to figure out what's wrong here... I asked him if he was an axe murderer or rapist, and he said no... so I think I might be in the clear :)

So if you are one of the many that are feeling neglected by my lack of info. the past week (Aimee), don't take it personal... I've been freaking out a tad... again, in a good way :) I don't want to give TOO many details because I'm sure he's going to read this and think I'm the biggest dork :) So anyway, I figured it was about time I let you know what's going on! I'm a happy girl! Hopefully this will turn out well, I've got my fingers crossed.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

The visit... and my life update

It was SO good to see my family! We had a lot of fun. Now I just wish I could see some friends back home, I miss you guys! Things here have been good... super busy as usual, but good. The job is still the same (a lot better). I'm still trying to figure out where to move in December. The weather has actually cooled off a bit and is suppose to be cool all week!!!! YIPPY! Well, cool here is still in the 70s, but hey, the LOW 70s! So I'm all about it...

Last night I went to see the new movie 'In Her Shoes'. It was SO GOOD! It's like the best movie I've seen in a really long time. Jacqueline got free sneek peek passes from her work so the whole gang got to go, it was awesome.

Tonight I'm starting a new bible study with some people from Highlands (my chuch) which should be cool, but I'm SUPER sleepy and would also just like to skip it so I can actually have a night off... Joanne would beat me up though :)

HOCKEY SEASON STARTED YESTERDAY!!!!!! So excited for that. Hopefully I'll actually get to see some Wings games, but I'm not sure if they play them here ever. I'm really excited to go to the game in December, I got my tickets in the mail last week :)

Ok, I know this is a super boring post, but I'm am SO TIRED! Someone kept me on the phone way too late last night :) I'm off to nap. Here's the rest of my pics from the family visit.

Shopping at IKEA!

I miss her already!

Natalie eating a lemon at Olive Garden... the girl actually EATS lemons :)

Rachel and Natalie

Me and Natalie

Sunday, October 02, 2005

I love my family

Can't write much, but I wanted to post some pics of my Mom Rachel and Natalie's visit so far. Yesterday we went to the Atlanta Zoo and did some major outlet shopping. It was SO fun! I love having them here! I can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving :) I will post more when I get them!

Mom, Natalie, and Rachel in front of the elephant exhibit

Me and Natalie after her bath! :)

Natalie in the petting zoo

Natalie and Rachel at the zoo