Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy St. Patricks Day!

This week has flown by! Wednesday after school Joey and I drove up to Knoxville for his nursing boards on Thursday morning. When we got there we just went out to dinner and came back to the room and watched the American Idol results show :) but Thursday we were crazy busy.

After his test we checked out and drove up to Chattanoga Tennessee which is right on the boarder of Georgia and TN. It's the cutest town ever! I want to move there. It's in the mountains, and soooo beautiful. We wanted to go do something fun so we went to the Tennessee aquarium which was AWESOME! I took some pictures on my camera, but I forgot my memory card so most of them are on a disposable that I had to buy at the aquarium... I'll have to post those later.

Sunday's my birthday. Tonight we are going out with Brent and a few other of Joey's friends, then tomorrow afternoonish we are heading down to his parents for the rest of the weekend. I think we're suppose to grill out on Sunday, but I'm not sure the weather is gonna be that great. Either way, I'm sure I'll have fun. Nothing too spectacular, but I love it down there and I love to get out of Atlanta even more.

Nothing exciting is going on other than that. I got a job for the summer working in Allison's office. I really didn't want to work this summer, but it will be nice to be making the extra money and actually paying all of my bills and having a little left over. I'm sending out some resumes and cover letters to principals this weekend because the job fair was pretty disappointing. It was basically walking up to a table for 10 seconds, handing them your resume, then going to the next table. I was like "What??? Ask me stuff!!" but they didn't. So now it's time to kiss up to some principals. We will see. The sooner I get a job the sooner I can MOVE which is not soon enough for me!!!!!! :) Anyway, here are a few pics from the aquarium. Happy St. Patricks Day!

Isn't this so pretty! It was inside where the RIVER otters live... they were my favorite!

Playing hookie from school and doing something fun = Happy Shauna

I got to pet a shark! Joey was a big baby and wouldn't do it, so he just took the pictures :)

We are sitting back in a little hole here with the water all around us... but it's hard to tell in this picture

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Happy 5 month anniversary to me!

Here is Joey and I yesterday sitting at the Mexican takeout place waiting for our food. Don't we look glamorous! :) We met at a Mexican restaurant 5 months ago, so every month we do dinner at a Mexican Restaurant. The problem last night was that American Idol was on... so we got takeout instead. I'm so lucky to have him in my life!

What cuties!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Joey got an NCLEX date!!!!

THIS IS THE BEST NEWS EVER! Joey finally got approved to take his NCLEX exam! I'm sooooooooooo incredibly happy for him I can't stand it. His internship at big Northside Hospital in Atlanta was suppose to start this coming Monday and we didn't think he was going to be able to do it because he hasn't gotten a test date, but by the grace of God the internship has been pushed back two weeks and he got a test date for March 16th in Knoxville! I'm playing "sick" from school that day to go with him. Now he needs to study study study.

Thank you to every freaking awesome person that has been praying for us! I know there is a lot of you and I love you so much and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

Now all I need to worry about is getting a job for next year. As of now, I am officially unemployed as of 6/1/06. Last week I had to sign my release from contract papers which is SCARY considering I don't have a new job yet. BUT as I have already told my mom and sister, I would rather live in Joey's basement and work at Starbucks than work for APS another year... so we will have to see. I finally got my application out to Cherokee County, and the job fair is next Saturday, so if you could keep the prayers coming that would be fantastic... I surely need them.

I am very excited for this weekend. It's the first weekend that I have been in town/Joey doesn't have to work in about a billion years. Tomorrow we're going down to Conyers GA to see Joey's friend Jason's dad's band (did you get that?). We're staying at his parents that night and on Saturday I think we're driving up to Cleveland (GA, not OH) to see Michael play baseball. I'm very excited! Normal weekend activities!

I won't be in Michigan again until June for Michelle's bachelorette party, followed a week later by her wedding, followed a week later by Kimberley's wedding... whew... I will be busy, but I am getting excited for my girls!! I NEED TO TAKE VOICE LESSONS!!! I'm singing at Michelle's wedding and everytime I attempt a run-through of the song I sound like a dying frog...

I am reading the most fabulous book right now. It's called Jamima J. Someone suggested this book to me about 3 years ago and I bought it when I was in London. I think I read like the first 30 pages and wasn't too impressed for some reason. I picked it up again last week and could not put it down! I read the first 200 pages in about an hour... it's so good! Totally a chick book... but super funny, and awesome, and although I'm not done with it yet, I recommend it to anyone who wants an easy entertaining read.

Hopefully I will take some good pics this weekend and post them up soon!