Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Love Song (Third Day)

I've heard it said that a man would climb a mountain

Just to be with the one he loves

But how many times has he broken that promise

It has never been done

I've never climbed the highest mountain

But I walked the hill of Calvary

Just to be with you

I'd do anything

There's no price I would not pay

Just to be with you

I'd give anything

I would give my life away

I've heard it said that a man would swim the oceans

Just to be with the one he loves

But all of those dreams are empty emotions

It can never be done

I've never swam the deepest ocean

But I walked upon the raging sea

Just to be with you

I'd do anything

There's no price I would not pay

Just to be with you

I'd give anything

I would give my life away

I know that you don't understand the fullness of My love

And how I died upon the cross for your sins

And I know you don't realize how much that I gave you

But I promise I would do it all again

Just to be with you

I've done everything

There's no price I did not pay

Just to be with you

I gave everything

Yes, I gave my life away

Monday, September 26, 2005

My stomach feels icky

Blah... so I was so excited for these two days off, but now they're just stressing me out, because when I have too much free time, my brain likes to start playing tricks on me, AND the weather is gloomy and rainy... blah.

So this apartment thing is stressing me out. I need a roomate. I have no money. and I looked at other counties for possible jobs for next fall and I would be taking around a $4000 paycut OUCH.

I have about 5 bazillion things to do today, and it's already almost 1pm and I'm STILL in my PJs doing nothing... I feel so icky, I should go workout, but it's taking all the strength I have to actually leave my computer screen. I need to go read the Duckett girls' blogs because they both inspire me to work out. Missy needs to be a motivational speaker on working out :) I ate SO MUCH this weekend, that's probably my problem... most of it was carbs... I don't eat that many carbs anymore, so that's probably why I'm so lethargic.

Sorry for the annoying complaining, I'm just in a mood! I need to stop NOW! God has incredibly blessed me over the last week, so I need to stop being such a dork and GET OFF MY ASS AND GO DO SOMETHING.

Ok, I'm going to go start cleaning/grading papers/running errands/doing laundry/and HOPEFULLY working out. I SOOOOOOOOOO can't wait to go home for Thanksgiving! I'm homesick! I miss Southgate! (whoa, did I just write that?)

Saturday, September 24, 2005

NEW PICTURES!!! (finally)

So I finally got my disposable camera developed... yippy! I love pictures. Now I have to get my digital camera that I paid waaaaaaaaay too much money for back up and working. This past week FLEW by! My attitude adjustment was in full gear, and let me tell you, what a difference that made! Good things keep happening to me!!

After I got home from school yesterday, Allison called with some FREAKING AWESOME news. This Monday and Tuesday I have no school (NO WORK, NO KIDS) because the Governor of Georgia is trying to conserve gas because of Hurricane Rita. I don't think a Republican has done something SO AWESOME before!! :) So I am FULLY enjoying my 4 day weekend right now. I did absolutely nothing too productive today, but I did have an AWESOME 2 hour workout.

Last night I went to Tutu Tango in Buckhead with Joanne, Jennifer, Lake, and Zakiya. It was really fun! That place was totally a Shauna type of bar. Very chill, good drinks, not too loud to sit and talk. My friends are so awesome... I'm so happy that I've met such GREAT people!

Thursday my Mom, Rachel, and Natalie will be here! Which couldn't happen at a better time because now that I don't have to go back to work until Wednesday, I actually have time to clean my apartment... which is currently pretty gross. Tomorrow Joanne is going to teach me how to play racketball :) That should be interesting... Tomorrow night I have a meeting, then I think (hope) I am going out because did I mention I HAVE NO SCHOOL MONDAY OR TUESDAY!!! Ok, sorry, I'll stop.

Well, that's all I can think of for now... MSU football is 4-0 so far this year... HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!! I'm totally bummed I haven't been able to actually watch the games (being that I'm in Georgia) But next week, when we play UofM, the game is on ABC, so I'll be able to see us WIN!!! I also bought Wings tickets for when they come here to play the Thrashers in December (SO PUMPED)! I hope you like the pictures...

Me and Joanne at Tutu Tango last night!

Zakiya and Jennifer at Tutu Tango

Lake, Darrell, and me at Dave & Busters

Shawn, Lake, and I during my 'Julia Stiles in Save the Last Dance' moment... hahahaha

Holley, Lake, and Lavasia

Me, Joanne, and her friend Mary at the CORN MAZE (so fun!)

Monday, September 19, 2005

My life is CRAZY!

I've never been so busy in my life! I would tell you about last week, but it feels like years have gone by since then and the details are fuzzy, so lets just focus on this past weekend.

Oh my gosh, I honestly have NO CLUE where I was, or what I was doing on Friday... hmmm, let's try Saturday... I went to a Corn Maze with Joanne (my twin) and her friend Mary. It was sweet! It's still warm here though so it's really not feeling fall-ish to me yet. For instance, it is currently 92 degrees outside. I heard it finally cools off a bit in October. I'm used to the weather, it really doesn't bother me... wherever you go there is air conditioning! We're going to go again when it cools off a bit so I can get my fall fix!! I do miss Michigan's fall!!!

Sunday was church and then lunch with a bunch of people from church who I just met and are AWESOME. Sunday night I went to FUSION, tonight I'm going to scrapbook, tomorrow I'm going to a home party that is sorta like Pampered Chef, but I'm not sure because I've never heard of it before... I need to be home before 10 because tomorrow is also the Nip/Tuck premier! WHOO HOO! Wednesday is girls night (AND THE LOST SEASON PREMIER! I thought it was Veronica Mars as well, but my Mom told me that isn't til next week, bummer), and I think I actually do not have plans as of yet for Thursday... BUT I heard there is a Third Day concert downtown. Friday I'm going out with Jennifer, Lavasia, and hopefully the rest of the teacher gang to Buckhead... and Saturday, I'm sure I have SOMETHING because that would be just insane if I didn't have plans :)

My Mom, sis and Natalie are coming in a little over a week. Natalie turned 2 on Saturday!!! Below are pics from her party that my sister sent me the same night (good job Rachel!). Work wasn't as bad today as it has been because I decided I needed an attitude adjustment and needed to quit my CONSTANT complaining/venting to basically anyone who would listen to me... If you are constantly telling yourself (and others) that you are miserable, you're going to be pretty miserable. Not to say that my job is the best situation, but I need to make the most of it. It's only a year (8 months actually) and Joanne says that anyone can do ANYthing for a year. I believe her. Whatever job I get next year is going to be CAKE!

I finally got to talk to Michelle recently, that was awesome, I miss her! I miss everybody at home, but it's hard to really dwell on it because I'm so freaking busy, I guess that's a good thing. Pretty soon I will be home for Thanksgiving! I can't believe I started working almost 2 months ago already... I can't believe I've lived here for almost 3 months!! Anyway, these posts have not been as exciting as they used to be... well, those weren't really exciting either. I PROMISE to try and post more pictures, I never take any anymore! I need some NEW pics of ME! I have long hair, and thanks to Weight Watchers I'm actually fitting back into clothes that I haven't fit into for over 2 years now... WHOO HOO! About time. It's easy to lose weight when you don't have your Polish family around trying to feed you 24 hours a day... hahahaha :)

The Birthday Girl!!!!!

Blowing out her candle :)

Saturday, September 10, 2005

No title: because I can't think of anything clever

Oh my goodness, I have not posted in what feels like 18 bazillion years! Sorry for that. I've been incredibly CRAZY busy for the past few weeks... time has flown by. My Mom came to visit last weekend for the long Labor Day weekend, it was AWESOME! We bascially went shopping everyday and just hung out, but it was definitely my idea of a good time.

I can't wait to go home to visit in November! I really miss everyone, I can't believe I've been here for 2 and a half months already... it's crazy. I've met a lot of really awesome friends! I recently got involved with a small group of girls from the church I've been attending, and they're all AWESOME! They're all young, single, professional women... just like me! :) I've been really blessed with all of the people I've met down here, I don't feel lonely at all.

So anyway, as for plans for the future. I've pretty much decide to stay in my same apartment complex (my lease is up in December, and if I want to re-sign, I should do it soon). It's going through a 6 million dollor renevation, so if I stay my rent is going up $120 a month, but it's pretty cheap right now, and for the size of it, it will STILL be cheaper than others around Atlanta. Plus everything in my new apartment will be NEW! I saw the new model and the entire kitchen is new (cabinets, flooring, all appliances) and everything else throughout the apartment is new (windows, floors, carpet, walls), so I'm pretty excited to stay... until June at least. My job has gotten a bit better... the children aren't as crazy as they were at first and I'm getting to actually like them! The school isn't that much better though, but I've found that I'm not the only one who feels this way... so it makes me feel better that I'm not alone. In the spring I've decide to apply to Fulton County Schools, which is the county I live in right now, but it's not inter-city, and a lot of the schools are in middle-upper class neighborhoods, which I SO NEED right now. I'm burnt out with the inter-city kids, this is my third year... I'd be taking a pay cut, but not a significant one, and I think I'd be A LOT happier, so hopefully I can get a job somewhere in Roswell or Alpharetta... I REALLY want to move there.

My Mom, Rachel, and Natalie are coming to visit in 2 and a half weeks! I'm SO pumped for that! They're staying a full week... I can't WAIT to see Natalie. Her birthday is the 17th, I can't believe she's going to be 2 already! Since I've turned 21-22, time has seriously flown by... I can't believe I'm going to be 25 in March, that's crazy to me! Anyway, I don't have any new pictures because they are all on a disposable camera that I need to get developed, but when I do I will post some. It has a bunch of pics from when I went out with my friends from work to Buckhead (that was crazy!) and some of my class, and some from when I went to see Phantom this past week with Allison. I promise to be better about posting from now on... I've never been this busy in my life, but that's a really good thing, I feel important :) hahahahaha... I miss everyone in Michigan!!!!!! and the few friends sporatically placed around the country... love you guys, we'll talk soon!