Tuesday, August 23, 2011

6 months already?!

I can't believe my angel is already 6 months old! This time is flying by... I'm so torn between the joy of watching her grow and the sadness of my baby growing up!

Obsession(s) of the Day

Nothing like cutting carbs and getting back to running to get you out of a funk! Thank you South Beach Diet and Couch to 5K! :)

Also, for any Mommies (or Daddies) that read this... I love, love, love The Body Shop's Buriti Baby line. Macie always smells SO AMAZING! I just want to eat her :)

Friday, August 12, 2011

Teething, 6 month growth spurt, or early signs of the Apocalypse... You decide

Last Friday, Macie started acting out of character. Very whiny, clingy, etc. Saturday, she had a fever and didn't sleep much. Sunday, she had a higher fever and slept in twenty minute intervals... all. night. long. By Monday, she seemed to be a bit better, and that's about the time my temperature was at 101. Blah! Since then, her sleep (and mine in return) has been pretty crummy, but luckily, no more fevers for either of us. She has also been wanting to eat, constantly. I guess this wouldn't be SUCH a big deal if she wasn't breastfeeding, but I doubt having a baby attached to your boob 24/7 is the newest fashion craze. This also means her daddy (or grandma, dogs, neighbor, mailman, etc.) cannot comfort her. So its all Mommy, all the time, and its taking a bit of a toll. 

My mood seems to be somewhere around Macie's. I literally tried to pry her away from me for 15 minutes last night to take a shower before Joey went to work... and was unsuccessful. I think I left the house once since last Sunday, and that was for her Dr.'s appointment this morning. I haven't wore makeup in weeks and my wardrobe consists of PJ pants and Joey's t-shirts. Needless to say, I'm in a Mommy rut. I love spending time with my daughter, but wish I had some time for me! I feel incredibly blessed to be able to stay home with her and not work, however, I find myself slightly jealous of other people that get to go to work. I also haven't ran in over a month now, which HUGELY contributes to my mood. The weather here in July was 90 and above almost every day, and I am not a big fan of heat. Now that its getting nicer out, I have no motivation to do it!  Blah x2! I am definitely one of those people that the busier they are, the more productive they are. So, I need to get busy!

On a happier note, at Macie's 6 month checkup this morning, our little pumpkin weighed 14lbs, 9oz and is 26 inches tall. I cannot believe how fast the last 6 months have gone by. She's sitting up by herself now, saying Mama - all of the time (mostly yelling at me) and scooting around trying to crawl. She also has quite the personality!

We are also on the verge of no longer being a one-car family! Yippie! Very excited. Then I REALLY won't have an excuse to get out and about more often. Now just waiting on that motivation...

Friday, August 05, 2011

Door to Door Organics

We received our first Door to Door delivery today!!! I was so excited that I immediately ripped my box open and took pictures of my beautiful produce. I know a lot of my friends are curious, so I wanted to post! We ordered the Medium Mixed box. Its pretty big for just Joey and I, but I got $10 off my first box and I know my mom will come over my house and go "shopping" today :) Next week, I'll probably do the Small Mixed. I got to substitute a few things for other things I wanted more. The website is really easy to navigate, and I had fun building my box. Let me know if you are interested, and I can email you an "invite" directly through their website. I don't think I get anything for doing that, however, I think you then get 50% off your box! Thank you again so much to my awesome friend Mishelle for introducing me to this!

 Yay! Delivery!

 Double YAY! A recipe!! Whoo hoo! 

 AND A FREE MAGNET?!?! I was giddy at this point... lol :)

 Roma tomatoes

 Romaine lettuce


 Green beans

 Bananas! Mmmmmm my fav :)

 Red/Purple onion

Red potatoes (I got these FREE! Did not order - just extra in my delivery) 

 Gala apples

Cucumber & Avocado YUM
 Broccoli & Garlic

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on.... errr I mean websites and recipes - My Favorite Things!

First off, I love recommendations. I've found most of my current favorite things through friends mentioning them on their own blogs, Facebook pages, etc. So, I wanted to pay it forward and share all of my current favorites so that someone else can hopefully find something they love as well!

1. Door to Door Organics I can not begin to stress how excited I am about this! I was complaining on my Mommies Group Facebook wall about not being able to find a good variety of organic produce in my area, especially now that Macie's starting to eat solids, when my wonderful friend Mishelle recommended checking Door to Door Organics out. Door to Door is a service that delivers fresh organic produce and groceries right to your door; most of it locally farmed. My first thought when hearing about it was how expensive it must be, but it is NOT! The same I would pay at Kroger, or any other market, WAY better selection, and BEST of all? I do not have to leave my house to get it. So awesome. And many of my friends have signed up right along with me. I receive my first delivery this Friday. I can't wait!! I will for sure take pics and blog when I get it. I am that excited.

2. Zulily I LOVE this website. Everyday new sales? Yes, please! They have wonderful sales on baby, kids, woman's, accessories, home decor, etc. I discovered Zulily after my friend Julie mentioned some adorable newborn pettiskirts for 40% off on her Facebook page. I, of course, had to check it out, and I, of course, then had to buy one. A few of my other friends mentioned that the shipping takes a really long time, but I didn't have that problem at all. I got my order in less than a week and Macie looked ADORABLE in her raspberry pettiskirt for her 3 month pictures :)

 3. Birchbox This one is super cool people! This is a $10 a month membership to get deluxe beauty samples sent to your door (I'm big about having things sent to me...). I discovered this gem of a website after my friend Missy posted on her blog about her friend recommending it to her. Missy even took pictures of each sample she received - because she's cool like that. If Macie decides to nap tomorrow like she did today (whoo hoo!) maybe I will post pics of my July Birchbox. I received it over a week ago, opened it, was extremely excited, then forgot about it until now and have not tried out any of my samples yet (oops). Tomorrow I will try to get on it... after I unpack from our Georgia trip... that we've been home from for 2 weeks now... (oops x 2).

4. Rockabye Baby Coolest lullabies ever. My friend Josie told me about this months and months ago before I even had Macie, but I totally forgot to check it out. Recently, I ran across them on Amazon and am having to pace myself from downloading each and every one. They are lullaby renditions of rock groups; Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, Metallica, The Beatles, Queen, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, many more. My husband thinks this is the number one coolest baby "item" he's come across. My favorite? Don't Stop Believing by Journey.

5. The Pioneer Woman I don't even know where to start with this one. I love everything about this woman! Her writing, recipes, photography... She is hysterical. I feel like she's talking to me every time I read through her blogs. And, I'm pretty sure she has the best brownie recipe of all time - Knock You Naked Brownies. Her recipes have step by step pictures to along with her witty instructions. Love her. And just when I thought I couldn't love her any more... I just skimmed through her new "Entertainment" section of her blog and she is highlighting my next favorite thing... Did I mention I love her?

6. Parks and Recreation My husband and I cannot get enough of this show. So much, that not only are we counting down to the start of Season 4 on NBC, we watch our Season 1-3 DVDs/DVRs over and over and over some more. Literally, we are laughing out loud each time we watch it, and I can't say that about any other show on TV. (Ok, we still LOVE The Office, but I am in the midst of a nervous breakdown now that Steve Carell has left the show. I can't even talk about it because I may start hyperventilating... again.)

That is all for now. I'm sure I have many more to share, but it is 1:22 AM and I suppose I should go get some sleep. Or, watch an episode or two of Parks and Rec. Yep, I think I'll do that.