Friday, December 02, 2011

Everyone Wants Christmas To Be Meaningful...

Cyber Monday! I was so excited to be able to shop, shop, shop from the comforts of my own home. I've never really understood the Black Friday madness, especially because I never really see any "deals" I can't live without, but Cyber Monday? - I'm all about it. I actually found a few good deals on Amazon and bought a $40 voucher to Red Envelope, which I was VERY excited about!

While crossing off items on my Christmas to-do list and browsing Facebook, I came across a video my sister posted a few days ago on her wall. So I watched it. About half way through I was in tears... '

Everyone Wants Christmas To Be Meaningful

This entire week I kept thinking about what I love about Christmas, my favorite memories and how I want Macie to understand that this is a celebration of Christ's birth, not a special day to get a bunch of Wii games... Don't get me wrong. I love presents. Especially the giving part; really. But the fact that if everyone just pitched in a little bit could solve the world's clean water shortage??? - Its just mind boggling to me.

My sister and brother in law's church is taking this challenge. They are a small church, located in a rural part of Southeast Michigan. Many of their members are unemployed due to the economy and are struggling financially, but they have taken the challenge to purchase just ONE less gift this Christmas season. They are then encouraging the congregation to use that money towards a water filter. One water filter that will last a family for 23-30 years is $50. 

If they can do it, can't we all? In a world of people pepper spraying each other to get a discounted X-box (disgusting!), I can't even imagine what it would feel like to not have clean water...  

If you are interested in donating - ANY amount is appreciated and will make a difference in the lives of many.
You can send a check to Memphis Free Methodist Church Make the check out to the church with "Advent Conspiracy" in the memo line.