Thursday, November 30, 2006

Long time no post...

I haven't posted in a bazillion years... this school year has be CRAZY! My life consists of sleeping, working, working some more, doing my grad classes, and paying bills. I am glad Joey and I live together because if we didn't I am sure I would never see him. We got to go to Michigan last week for Thanksgiving... It was AWESOME to see my whole family and all of my friends, but we ran around constantly when we were there, so both of us were pretty exhausted when we got back to Georgia. Plus, the drive SUCKED. I am definitely going to try to scam a buddy pass from his parents for Christmas.

I am two weeks from being half way done with the school year. I have to say, overall, I am happier this year, even though I am working probably triple the amount I did last year. I want to move back to Michigan SO BAD. I like Georgia, especially the weather... but working here really sucks. My friends in MI that teach have NO CLUE how lucky they are. I'm not sure if I am ever going to be able to get a job back home, but Joey said he would come with me if I did! I want to buy my grandpa's house, but I'm not sure if it can sit vacant for a year and a half more... we will see.

I will blog again when I have something interesting to say. I might start blogging on MySpace just because I am on there so much! It has replaced the telephone for me which I LOVE because I hate talking on the phone. It's the only way I communicate consistently with most of my friends!

Merry Christmas Season! We put up our tree last night... it was very awesome.