Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas is coming!!

So much to catch up on, I haven't blogged in forever! I can't believe it. Where has fall gone? Or, summer for that matter... The time is passing so fast I can barely keep up! I'm watching my little girl grow bigger and learn to do new things every day. Its so bittersweet! I'm trying to focus on how fun she is and how proud I am of her, rather than my inside sobbing that she is getting TOO big TOO fast! 9 months old already and she's crawling up stairs and walking FAST if you hold her hands. Pretty soon she'll be walking on her own.

I'm so excited to experience Christmas with our little family this year! While Christmas shopping online, I came across RedEnvelope. LOVE that site! So many adorable, personalized gifts. Isn't the Handprint Canvas Kit SO cute?!? I saw this on Pinterest awhile back and wanted to do it then, so I'm so happy I found it on RedEnvelope. Go visit RedEnvelope. You will definitely find something (or many things) you will love!

This Sunday, Joey, M and I are going for a family mini shoot for Christmas pictures. I hope they turn out well! We don't have many pictures together since one of us is always behind the camera, so I am very excited. Can't wait to create our Christmas cards! I love being a Creative Memories consultant. Not only do I get an amazing discount on my favorite hobby, I get the opportunity to create unique mementos for my friends and family. This is the Christmas card I just created for my sister.

Its a 5x7 flat card. The paper its printed on is super thick, professional quality. LOVE IT! AND, they are 20% off right now! Anyone want me to make their cards?!? I will post mine after I make it. Our's is going to be an accordion card. So excited! :)

Before Christmas, comes Thanksgiving... I'm very excited to celebrate Thanksgiving this year as well because I have SO MUCH to be thankful about this year! My family from St. Louis is coming in town to celebrate the holiday. I can't wait to meet my cousin Ryan's daughter, baby Ava. Joey's parents may come in to celebrate with us as well. We are VERY excited about that! I know Joey misses them very much and it would be amazing for him, and for Macie to get to spend the holiday with her Grammy and Pops!

Anyone going shopping on Black Friday? I have never done this... but am considering it this year! A lot of stores are opening up Thanksgiving night at midnight rather than early the next morning. I know a lot of people are upset about that, but I'm actually kind of excited, and its the reason I MAY go out shopping this year. I would MUCH rather stay up late, than wake up early. We will see... Some of the "sales" I have seen don't seem to be that great.

To catch up a little bit, a few weeks ago we went to Traverse City to celebrate our 2 year anniversary. We brought Macie along as well. We had a fantastic time visiting all of the wineries on the Old Mission Peninsula. I didn't realize how amazingly beautiful that area is! We can't wait to go back and make it an adults only trip next time ;) Here are some pics from our trip.

 2 years of marriage already and 6 years together. I feel I'm going to go to sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow, married 30 years, with our babies all grown. I'm trying to enjoy EVERY second with my loves and not take for granted every day we have together. So often, we don't pay attention as life is passing us by... its never been more evident than now that I'm a Mommy!