Friday, June 02, 2006

I got a job! I got a job! I got a job!

Whoo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am teaching 2nd grade again next year at Shelton Elementary School in Dallas, Georgia. It's not exactly where I wanted to be, but after going to my interview and meeting with the principal I saw what an awesome school it is and how laid back she was! Perfect. Hopefully I fall in love with it... This weekend and next week I'm moving all of my stuff over Joey's. I'm going to be staying there until I figure out where I am moving to and also to save money. He's great to let me do that :) Next weekend Josie comes to visit!! I'm so excited, we're going to have a blast I'm sure. Anyway, short update, but I gotta run, lots to do. Here are some pics from my mommy's visit!

Mom, Kathy, Me and my white legs at Atlanta's Botanical Gardens

Me, Mom, Joey and his family visiting from Florida :)